Turkey in Images

The itinerary below describes our recent tour in Turkey. Contact us for details about our Sep 2014 and 2015 hiking and cultural tours.

Magnificent blue tiled mosques and Ottoman palaces , pure turquoise seas, rocky, forested coast and mountains. Just some of the places we visit in our first few days. We have 3 days of cruising the Turquoise coast in a gulet (Turkish yacht) offering unique views of the coast. We visit the classical cities of Pergamum, Ephesus, Hierapolis, and Aphrodisias. We’ll explore isolated, less visited ruins of once prosperous city states such as Xanthos, Selge, Phaselis, and Perge. Encounters include ancient tracing Roman aqueducts, Silk Road caravan paths and goat herders’ trails.

After the flaming rocks at Chimaera, amid the spring profusion of oleander, anemones, poppies, and other wildflowers, we’ll travel to Konya, the shrine of Rumi, founder of the whirling dervishes Cappadocia is our base for several days exploring troglodyte caves and underground cities. Pottery and carpet weaving are among the many crafts to be found here. Then we’ll move to the less visited eastern desert and mountains, stopping first at the colossal Nemrut Dag. The ancient cities of Urfa, Diyarbakir and Van lead us to the picaresque Ishak Pasa palace and an enormous meteor crater near the Iranian border. Continuing north we’ll visit the ruins of the medieval Armenian capital of Ani before crossing the Kackar mountains to Trabzon, the last outpost of the Byzantine empire.